Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Beautiful E-Bikes Policies

The weekly rental payment is $50.

Bond is $200 and is refundable when you return the electric bike in the ORIGINAL CONDITION less acceptable wear and tear.

Beautiful E-Bikes does not charge you any joining fee unlike some of our competitors.

The minimum rental term is 2 weeks.

You can either pay us via EFT or cash.

We shall provide you with the following accessories free of cost:

  • Helmet
  • Lock with key
  • Battery charger
  • Phone holder
  • Pump

Currently, we are just renting out E-Bikes.

Currently, we have brand new Valk E-Bikes in stock. Soon, we shall be able to offer some other brands such as Nishiro, MONO and Leitner.

Regarding Legality and Safety

Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle in Australia is compulsory at all times. You must wear a helmet at all times.

While riding at night or in hazardous conditions, you must use the front and rear light that is visible for at least 200 metres.

Regarding Maintenance and Servicing

Taking proper care of the electric bike is paramount for the smooth functioning of the Bike, for your safety and for a happy riding experience. Please read Maintenance Page for a detailed guideline as to how you should take care and operate the electric bike.

Clean your electric bike with a soft damp cloth. DO NOT use any liquid, wet cloth, solvents or abrasives at any times.

Store the electric bike away from any source of heat, sun, and away from water and rain.

If you suspect there is an issue with the electric bike, you need to let us know immediately, and bring the E-Bike to our showroom at your earliest convenience. You MUST NOT ride the E-Bike until we have made a proper diagnosis of the E-Bike and have done servicing (if required).

Servicing of the E-Bike can be of 2 types: 1) Regular Services and 2) Special Services. Regular Services includes the following:

  • a general frame check;
  • a check of bolts, nuts and crank;
  • adjusting and aligning brakes;
  • adjusting and aligning gears;
  • lubricating or replacing the chain and/or cable;
  • a wheel check and inflation, if required; and
  • cleaning of the E-Bike.

Regular Servicing usually can be done within 24-48 hours from the time you give us the E-Bike. On the other hand, Special Servicing includes services beyond those performed during a Regular Service (for example, where an electrical component of the E-Bike needs to be replaced). A special servicing could take 48 hours and longer.

Absolutely yes. Even if your electric bike is running smoothly without any visible fault, you need to bring your electric bike to our showroom at least once every 3 months. We shall provide a Regular Servicing at no cost to you.

You must not perform or attempt to perform any servicing of the E-Bike by yourself or via a third party at any time.  This is strictly prohibited and would constitute a break of the Rental Agreement.

Pedal assistance will stop when battery charge reaches a minimum level. Your bike can be ridden without pedal assistance.

The tyres must always be inflated to the correct pressure in order for you to have smooth ride. You can visit a car service centre and pump your tyre as per recommendation. You could also pump the tyres yourself with the help of a tyre pressure gauge. A tyre pressure gauge can be purchased from any bicycle retailer.

Lubrication of the chain is part of Regular Services. Hence, we shall be lubricating the chain each time you return the E-Bike to us for servicing. Do not lubricate the chain by yourself.